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Time to make things right

Beginning a couple of thousand years ago in Rome, and a thousand years ago in Northern Europe, there was a great reversal of our innate Aryan system of meritocracy. This interruption of our fortunes and turning of our world upside down was no accident, but part of a plan to destroy us. With a thousand small cuts, their source often hidden and obscured, our enemy has worn away at us with an enforced communism of the soul. They have appealed to all that is weak and damaging in our natures, while encouraging us to scorn what is right and good, even up to demanding that we hate our own ancestors and religion, our Gods themselves...

This evil philosophical plague has dulled our senses, taken away our good judgement, and made us forget who and what we truly are to the point where we do not know our friends from our enemies. Now, using the media. they have shaped our image into something we never were, and have torn our tribe, our Nation of Odin, asunder to the point where we can no longer join together and bask in that joy and gladness of old, where we celebrated the great deeds of our heroes, and sought our own safety and happiness.

So enslaved are our people at the moment by our racial enemies, that it is actually expected of us that we embrace our own doom, and participate in and promote our own genocide... This brings us to the purpose of this page... to uncloak the dark miasma that has been thrown at us and the authors of it so that we can see them and it as they really are, and fight them. We cannot struggle against those who seek to destroy us when we do not know ourselves, and cannot clearly discern in which direction lie our interests as opposed to theirs. Nor can we defeat an enemy whose "god" we worship. History stops here and Gods willing shall begin anew. With all the power of our hearts, with all our actions, we need to proudly embrace the good of our own folk, to contain and turn this evil tide, and make our Earth free again.

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