Moo… Pistachio Jews make fun of Stupid White Nationalists

Doubtless this following real clip inspired one of the latest fake White Activism efforts. This blonde female Trump supporter is egged by what can only be described as a group of hominids. I can attest to the fact that this sort of thing happens to White people, especially blonde people, and especially women and children who cannot fight back, in Black neighborhoods. As a teenager, I remember Blacks throwing eggs at me out of sheer racial envy and hatred presumably. Another time, in Winter,  I was riding a moped and a van of jeering Blacks came up and purposely side swiped me tearing my leather boot off and shredding it, which would presumably have very badly injured my leg had I not been wearing boots.

Emily Youcis, a Jewish pistachio girl who was supposedly fired to being pro White, has a similar, but staged encounter with some anti fascists who can barely keep the smiles off their faces. Of course, her hair does not actually get any egg on it. She is sprayed by some sort of liquid she says, and of course she is not worried about it, because she was never in any danger from her fellow Communists. Just how stupid do these Jews think Whites are?

Well a few years ago there was a clip, now seemingly not available, of a blonde girl idiotically saying “moo” repeatedly like a cow… these self- chosen ones who made this video want to place us in this category. They want us to be “goyim”, or human cattle. Because we are the actual human beings in this scenario, as opposed to a species of demented trolls like them, they want to degrade and warp White Europeans, to use and mock us, and this is exactly what this mentally ill Jewess who mentions going to temple in an interview, Emily Youcis, does, while the other Jews who employ her laugh. Now it is being said that she meant temple university and that she is not a Jew when it could not be more obvious that she is one. If she were not a Jew, it would be immaterial, because regardless, this woman is the enemy of our race… but she is a Jew.

Aryan folk are a joke to the Jews. What part of that do those who support this Jewish lowlife who is scornfully mocking our race not get exactly?
Aryan folk are a joke to the Jews. What part of that do those who support this Jewish lowlife who is scornfully mocking our race not get exactly?

The picture above is taken from one of Ms. Youcis’ two “White Nationalist” videos, “The Wizard of Poz: Somewhere Over the Rainbow“. As you can see, we are treated to a shot of the rear ends of cattle… Their choice of song, first sung by Jewish Judy Garland, is no accident, for this is a Jewish parody of White nationalism, and their dirty little troll claw fingerprints are everywhere. While we are looking at the cattle posteriors, which are supposed to represent us, Ms. Youcis sings. “…Where Aryan folk produce great yields, frolicking through golden wheat fields“… Whites are shown in Black and White, because after all, to them, we are the equivalent of a Black and White film, soon to be “history”.

In the end of Youcis' "White Nationalist"  video, the White hand under the bloody rainbow is dragged down by the colored ones... a foreshadowing of what the Jews intend to come...
In the end of Youcis’ “White Nationalist”  video, the White hand under the bloody rainbow is dragged down by the colored ones… a foreshadowing of what the Jews intend to come…

The other video, “Oh Whites Divine“, like this one, is full of hideous yellow puce color and ugly green overlays meant to make one associate the idea of being pro White with ugliness… and sarcastic, insincere, maximization of pro European world views, meant to make them seem ridiculous. There are ugly, distorted pictures of Trump and pictures of him crawling on the ground and being patted on the head and his hair mussed disrespectfully by Jewish media, and that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the imagery is concerned. I am, most obviously, not a Christian, but most Odinists, myself included, are willing to work with any White Christian who puts preserving our race first, and hope that he will see the truth and free himself from Jew worship eventually. In these videos we see the Jewish desire to mock Europeans who have been taken in by their Christianity scam in full force.

Emily Youcis giving us Whites the finger, a combination finger and Italian cuckold gesture, at the climax of her song while singing "Oh Whites Divine"...
Emily Youcis giving us Whites the finger, a combination finger and Italian cuckold gesture, at the climax of her song while singing “Oh Whites Divine”…

Whoever wrote this is attempting to put off Christian Whites who might otherwise be attracted to our cause. To repel Christians and keep them away from White Nationalism, we have what the Jews who created Christianity set up as blasphemy, a Pavlovian trigger. Although I myself do not believe in worshiping Jewish gods, mocking what is sacred to people, their idea of god, however misguided, to this extent, would seem to be trying to force them to choose between White Nationalism and Christianity. The praying woman here singing “Oh Whites Divine” is supposed to make alarm bells start ringing in the pre-programmed heads of White Christians… and make them choose the Jewish “god” over protecting our folk from the Jews. The Jews fully intend to help any susceptible Whites hang themselves and their folk on the cross they show at the end..

The bucolic scene in  the “The Wizard of Poz: Somewhere Over the Rainbow” video, complete with cows, and the appearance of Hitler in the heavens, is meant to do the same thing.. the idea is, here are these stupid White trailor trash Europeans and their god Hitler, who happens to be just about the only person who tried to resist the Jews effectively. The target is White Christians, who are supposed to start saying, on cue, “oh my gosh, not only are those White Nationalists supporting Trump, Hitler, and the White race, but they are trying to make the White race, Hitler, and so on, into a god!”

Let's put the trolls back in their place.
Let’s put the trolls back in their place.

This is also meant to mock Europeans in general. As Odinists  we believe we are related to our Gods, and it is clear that the idea of Whites being divine presented in this typically crass Jewish way is meant to scorn us. This video, with its ugly color overlays, such as yellow and green, the unfocused nutty eyes of the Youcis, and the way she tries, and fails, to keep the smirk off her face… is nothing more than a pathetic indication of Jewish hatred and jealousy of Whites, a hatred of all that is beautiful and good, a hatred so strong they cannot repress it. It is not just meant to put off Christians and Trump supporters, but to make fun of all that is sacred for Odinists, to belittle our folk and family, our ancestors, and our heroes.. . We need our own media…at the very least, please share any genuine pro White media widely. We need to work towards eliminating our current Jewish media on the legal basis that it is not true media, but an arm of a foreign government, Israel.

Jewish <a href="">victim</a>, Emily Youcis and her "art", which is promoted as "art" by both Andrew Anglin and Lana Lokteff of Red Ice. Examples of her "art"?  In this video we see vomit, excrement, a dog having sex with a scull...
Jewish victim, Emily Youcis and her “art”, which is promoted as “art” by both Andrew Anglin and Lana Lokteff of Red Ice. Examples of her “art”?  In this video we see vomit, excrement, a dog having sex with a scull…

Besides these clearly Jewish made “White Nationalist” videos… the rest are such utter filth that only a troll could have made them, including necrophiliac dogs having sex with a scull, typical crude Jewish bathroom “humor”, disgustingly foul language, and Youcis showing footage of being given prizes for her videos by a Jew. The most disgusting ones appear to have disappeared since I began talking about it to people but you can see her introduction here.

UPDATE: Here is her new website with the worst video, (NOT for kids or anyone normal) promoted by Red Ice. I strongly recommend not watching the video. The less horrible videos sickened me, and I have not watched it myself, only looked at stills from it. I include it only for sake of those who do not know how bad it is and need convincing. Please trust me when I say this is so disgusting, it is better to just not have it in your head at all.

No comment.
No comment.

And so… we have the supposed leader of the AltRight , according to our 97 percent Jewish owned media that is, Richard Spencer, quoting Jack Donovan  during his Texas A&M speech. Who is Mr. Jack Donovan? He is a “pro White” “masculinist” who has called me a “White nationalist bitch” and who believes that being homosexual is masculine as long as one takes the male role during homosexual sex… We have Messianic Jews apparently running “alternative” media in which they feature a tranny and other assorted homosexuals, such as Greg Johnson and Jack Donovan, as Alt Right “leaders” and also promoting Ms. Youcis.  The “Alt Right” controlled media and the mainstream media play off of each other. Meanwhile, the real resistance is almost completely ignored.

To Whites out there who are not yet awake, now would be a very good time to awaken. If you do not start doing your part, you will indeed be nothing but Black and White cow posteriors heading towards slaughter.

White Christians and other Whites who do not actively help our cause, heading for slaughter at the hands of the Jews and taking their own kind with them.
White Christians and other Whites who do not actively help our cause, heading for slaughter at the hands of the Jews and taking their own kind with them.

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  1. ROY - February 5, 2017 at 7:57 am Reply

    You should be looking into Veronica Bouchard (Evalion) And new sidekick Michelle Victoria Kapelski . The degenerate activity has been alarming of late. and Evalooms a total honey trap trolling site if not worse. People have been made aware of the situation but choose not to call anyone out , why do they have info on others. Yucus is a clown most see her for what see is . Evalion has not produced prove of life video since Dec. 30 2016 a couple of brave people have tried doing this job but do not have the weight or the skills to achieve results. GET OFF YOUR ASS. Evalion and her group do not represent NS WN or anyone in the Nation of Odin anymore, work together before the damage becomes greater.

    • admin - February 5, 2017 at 7:15 pm Reply

      Hello Roy,
      Thank you for your email. The reason I did an article on Yuk-is was because I consider her disgusting work to be of danger to children and possibly animals as well, and because people such as David Duke, who is supposed to be pro family, have promoted her, and her fake White nationalism and repulsive necrophilia ghoul cartoons, calling her a “Joan of Arc”. I do not think Yuk-is is a good role model myself.

      I have very little time however, and although it is true that I spend whatever time I have to try to restore our native European religion and to fight Jews, and infiltration when I can as well, I do not have time to look into this in detail right now. I agree that the Eastern mysticism and selling of mementos you refer to is rather odd, but at first glance I do not see any real evidence that substantiates anything in particular. I am not very familiar with Evalion and have not looked into it. The couple of videos I happened to see seemed to be pro European, but if there is something I do not know, or have missed, by all means, tell us by posting further information here.

      At the moment, I am far more concerned about the blatant homosexual takeover of White nationalism by Greg Johnson, Jack Donovan, and Richard Spencer, and others, and the fact that Kevin MacDonald is helping them, so that has a greater priority for me, and I have not even had a chance to do an article on that yet, but I shall do so at some point when I can.

    • Castle - February 22, 2017 at 2:09 pm Reply

      Their is evidence out there of her degeneracy as of late but people have steadily ignored it and do not even attempt to shed light on it she will tell you what NS morals are while doing the immoral things against NS

      • admin - April 3, 2017 at 1:57 am Reply

        @Castle, Ok. Well that is rather vague, so personally, again, I do not have much to say. You could be right or wrong about that but I have no way of knowing so I cannot make a informed comment. To the previous commentor, you seem to be telling me to do work, when I have enough to do already, thank you. I suggest you write your own article with evidence and post it here. Free speech for all sides is always given here.

  2. JC Smith - August 1, 2017 at 1:14 pm Reply

    This article is all the proof anyone needs that Seana Fenner is a joke and a troll. For a while there I thought you were legit. Youcis isn’t Jewish, but does have a sense of humor and imagination. And she has self respect, which is evidently something Fenner et al do not have. Like Siobhan McCarthy, you are fakers who spew jew hatred in order to damage the movement you claim to be part of. Only Jews do this kind of thing.

    • admin - August 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm Reply

      Only Jews, morons, and narcissists who do not love our folk but care only about their egos and publicity promote degenerate whores who push necrophilia, bestiality, and torture porn for kids, Jew. She is utter filth, and so are you.

    • admin - August 22, 2017 at 11:12 am Reply

      Jc Smith, or Cohen, or whatever. Youcis is subhuman filth, as should be obvious to anyone who has viewed her “films”. Anyone who supports these disgusting child damaging necrophilia and bestiality cartoons is utter scum as well. Yes, I hate Jews, who are attempting to exterminate my people, and Odinist’s will not tolerate the repulsive subhuman garbage you are promoting, or you…

  3. paulwt3 - March 27, 2018 at 9:28 pm Reply

    I don’t know if Emily Youcis is Jewish or not (she does look Jewish and has many of the behavioral traits, both for crassness and the song shit), but the bit about her saying she went to temple is hilarious bc – she went to Temple. As in Temple University. That’s why she would have said that.

    • admin - May 6, 2018 at 12:26 pm Reply

      I think it was another joke jibe at how stupid the “goyim” are myself… to actually believe a monster who has a live necrophilia and bestiality site aimed at kids is a White nationalist is extraordinarily stupid.

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