The Emperor has No Clothes… Ancient European Cave Paintings vs. Jewish Modern “Art”

Here, below, we see a herd of horses, sensitively and beautifully painted at the Lascaux caves of France 30,000 years ago. Clearly, the hearts of those who created these magnificent representations of nature with such a loving hand had a very different outlook from the Semtic haters of European art. One can feel a love for nature, and for these beautiful horses, even now.

Medusa’s Snakes as the Perseids, Last Chance to view Nature’s Fireworks…

All over the world, and in particular in the Northern Hemisphere, as long as the sky is dark and the Moon is down, one should get a great view of these surreal visitors from space, once part of a comet that has traveled billions of miles. Here we see the Perseids in Dartmoor, Devon, at the Scorhill Stone Circle. This event is one that our Ancestors, who were much more in touch with the night sky than we are, would have had great interest in.